The Ark is Delivered

Lesson text: I Kings 8:1-13

In this week’s lesson, we’ll experience Solomon, son of David and Bathsheba (2 Sam. 12:24) who becomes the overseer of the Temple. As the Chief Executive of the House of the Lord, he is going to be the one assigned to bring this facility to completion. When David was King, he saw God’s house as a priority and wanted to be the one to build it. But the Lord had other plans for other people.

As it is with the Lord, David was allowed to start the plans but not allowed to build it, we too we’ll learn that even though we start things for the Lord, we may not be the one who completes the task (I Cor. 3:5-7).

The Lord is big on worship. The Lord wants, expects and demands his people worship him (Duet. 26:10) and worship him as he has prescribed. Any other form of worship is unacceptable and will be rejected (I Kings 9:9).

I Kings 8:5

Next Week’s Lesson: The Ark is Completed – II Kings 8:14-21

20/20 Vision – Improper View

Seeing things properly is of the utmost importance for every believer. Roughly 35 percent of the adult population do not wear corrective glasses, contact lens or have had vision corrective surgery. Only a few people compared to the majority see things correctly or without visual aides.

In our faith as Christians we too need the help of the Holy Spirit to see things properly. More times than we can admit, we have allowed past circumstances or conditions to shape our perspective. We will then in turn move, behave and live improperly based upon those past experiences. For example, some of us have been abused, disrespected or even bullied and we see those individuals as monsters. It may not be the way we want to see them, but our vision is clouded by the pains they inflicted on us. God can only see everything clearly because he is omniscient, able to know everything about everything. God sees a person. A person in desperate need of deliverance and forgiveness. Improper vision can be the root of bitterness than can last for years and prevent us maturing spiritually.

Ask the Lord to give you spiritual clarity and free you from whatever is causing you to see and discern improperly.

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10

20/20 Vision

Watchnight 2019 , as we enter into a new decade we are challenge by the word of God to look at it with the right perspective – God’s perspective. Since God is perfect and sees all things perfectly, it is only right that we as his children to see things as He sees them.

Watchnight 2019 – Dr. Lamont E. Ricks

In the new year to come, God wants us to see things from his perspective . We are encouraged no longer be moved or influenced by how other people view us or place move value of how we see ourselves. Dr. Ricks, uses the account of Jeroboam in I Kings 13 to help approach 2020 with a new and improved vision. 20/20 Vision.

The Witness From Decapolis

The Witness From Decapolis – In our life and in the lives others we may know, let us consider both our Lord’s saving grace and his divine ability to deliver us from the ungodly and satanic influences that surround us. In today’s Pulpit Points message, Pastor DeWayne Cason (Youth Minister of New Berean) shared the biblical account of a man who had been demon-possessed and the impact Jesus made on his life after they met.

In conclusion, let us consider that Jesus’ area of ministry was also close to Decapolis. Jesus did not avoid the people living in darkness. He went to them and pierced the darkness of their sin lifestyle with the light of God’s message of salvation and love.

Jesus wants us to follow his example in confronting the darkness in own world. It would be easy for us to isolate ourselves in a safe well-ruled communities and just let the outside world destroy itself. But even though rules can be good and community is necessary for Christian living, Jesus used neither as an escape. He modeled another way for us as his followers. He left the familiarity of his safe environment and confronted evil in its own backyard.

DeWayne Cason, Youth Minister

Sunday Devotional – David Prays

David Praying Before The Lord

Praying is defined a a form of communication, a spiritual conversation between man and God. Paul wrote in Romans 8:26, that in our praying, sometimes our communications are made with groanings that cannot uttered. But because it is a spiritual communication, the Holy Spirit of God brings us together with the Lord.

In this week’s Sunday Devotional we’re going to listen in on a conversation between David and the Lord in prayer. David has been credited with at least seventy-three of the 150 Psalms. But all of the times David spoke with the Lord were not listed as Psalms. Our lesson takes us to I Chronicles 17:16-27 where David shares with the Lord his heart, his humility and gratitude for the things God allowed him to witness. Israel had seen a lot and experienced a lot but the Lord their God was not done with them.

What we will learn from David is how we are to reverence the Lord and talk with the Lord. Join us for this week’s study.

Sunday Devotional – David Gives Praise

David was a person who one to hide his his feelings for the Lord his God. God had presented himself to his servant-king in such a way the David was quick to sing out the praises of the Almighty God. David played before the played music (I Sam. 18) before the Lord. David danced (II Sam. 6). His expressions of praise and worship are a lesson for us to observe.

“Sing unto the Lord a new song, and his praise from the end of the earth, ye that go down to the sea, and all that is therein; the isles, and the inhabitants thereof” Isa. 42:10

We too are to be brought to a point that when the word of God is preached or taught we ought to be as excited as David was. We should make it a habit in our lives to openly express our love for the Lord with all sincerity of heart. Study with us this weekend.

A Marriage Covenant

Ruth and Boaz

This month’s Sunday Devotionals have been centered on the theme of covenant. We learned that covenants are agreed relationships between people with the intent of honoring and respecting the covenant.

Ruth entered into an agreement set up by her mother-in-law, Naomi . Naomi had lost her two sons, one who was married to Ruth. Naomi had the experience of a marriage covenant and wanted nothing more than Ruth to experience the same in it’s fullness.

Marriage is an honorable covenant (Heb. 23:4) approved of God. Let us examine what about marriage covenants that our Lord honors

Pearl Anniversary Gala

Join the the New Berean Family as we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of our Founder & Pastor and honor the Lord for the great things he’s done Psalm 126:3. We will be sharing and encouraging the “Pastor & People” with the testimonies and witnesses of the ones who have themselves blessed by the things God has done through New Berean.

Date/Time: September 28, 2019, 4-8 pm

Price: Adults $40, Youth under age 12 $20

Attire: Formal

Special Guest Speaker: Antonio Harris, Pastor Highland Avenue Baptist Church , Cincinnati, OH, (former Youth Pastor New Berean Baptist Church)

Call or email by Sept. 21st to purchase your tickets

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A Pastor’s Care

Good Pastors are those pastors who have accepted the call of God on their life. Pastors are the appointed of God who share God’s heart for the flock (Jer. 3:15, I Tim 3:1-7 ), the ministry and the Commission to reach the world (Matt. 28:18-20). They have been called to oversee the flock of God to :

-Feed them – John 21:17, the have been charged by the Lord in their calling to feed the flock of God with the word of God. Teaching and preaching to the flock is of the utmost for it is in the word of God that we will grow in our faith. It is why we should be in attendance at our respective local assemblies as often as we can.

– Account for them – Heb. 13:17, being in attendance in our respective local assemblies is our role. Pastors cannot feed us if we are not assembled at the table. Taking account is the pastor’s role for the scriptures have concluded that he “must” give an answer to the Lord on the state of the flock. If they cannot give a good account, it is not profitable on our behalf and God will deal with us as he should. The Pastors must…

– Take the oversight for them – Acts 20:28-30, God set up and ordain Pastors to oversee the local assemblies. The church of Jesus is collection of Believers worldwide but it is in the local churches in which God chose to work his “Commission”. He gave the local churches the responsibilities of preach the gospel to the world, baptize the converts and disciple those who follow in faithful obedience the things of Christ. The oversight of all this great work is on the individual pastors of the local assemblies, sharing the same goal in mind (Matt. 28:18-20)

– Be Examples to them – 1 Tim. 4:11-13, Pastor are the examples the Lord has chosen to lead his flock. The lead through their example serving God people. The share their time away from their families, to be with our families. Pastors give of their time in preparing and studying God’s word, standing in God’s stead to declare God’s word to God’s people. They are the examples God has divinely appointed for us to pray for, encourage and cheer for in the work they do.

Sunday Devotional – The Covenant’s Expectations

The Covenant’s Expectations (Matthew 5:1-12)

This week’s Sunday Devotional reveals to the Believer what is expected of them regarding new covenant we now have in Christ Jesus. Jesus in his message to the disciples is that God expects them to conduct themselves in a certain manner.

On the other side of our acceptance of Jesus as our Savior, we are provided divine guidance of how we are to conduct ourselves before God and man. We have been saved and delivered to perform good works which God has ordained (Eph. 2:8-10). By faith we are expected to follow the instructions of this new covenant. We are no longer expected to live as we once did, but unto this new life.

As all things become new (II Cor. 5:17) in our life, we’re to let our light, the light of Christ shine that men might see those good works and glorify our Father in heaven.

As we close out this month’s lessons, let us exhort one another to live in agreement to the instructions of our New Covenant in Christ.