Happy Thanksgiving

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, and to sing praises unto thy name, O Most High: Psalm 92:1

The “giving of thanks” to the Lord our God really a “no-brainer”. We as Believers in the Lord are going to give thanks even if we have to do it alone. We give thanks because it is right, and it a good thing to do (Ps. 92:1). But as with every other aspect of our public life, the pandemic that has its grip on our world and community has now impacted our personal life.

Due to the rising numbers of positive cases in our local areas (Data Tracker), our Medical community, Local, State and Federal government agencies have issued new restrictions and guidelines for the way we conduct our lives, including the ways we celebrate Thanksgiving. With that in light, we are asking and encouraging everyone to seriously consider adjusting to these recommendations for the sake of everyone’s safety. In Titus 3:1, we are reminded, “Put them in mind to be subject to principalities and powers, to obey magistrates, to be ready to every good work“. No one is telling us we cannot serve, worship, celebrate or honor the Lord. But we are in a medical pandemic situation which requires us to make some changes to help curve the transmission of the disease. We all have been personally impacted by this disease and too recommend you be wise in minimizing contacts with family and friends we are not used to.

Even if you cannot, use the information and recommendations provided for you in the link below to help plan out your family functions and festivities. Thank you and continue to give thank to the Lord, for he is good and his mercy is everlasting.

VA Governor Executive Order: #67 AMENDED

Pay particular attention to page 11 section B.1 OTHER RESTRICTIONS

All Public and Private In-Person Gatherings
All public and private in-person gatherings of more than 25 individuals are prohibited. The presence of more than 25 individuals performing functions of their employment or assembled in an educational instructional setting is not a “gathering.” A “gathering” includes, but is not limited to, parties, celebrations, or other social events, whether they occur indoors or outdoors.

Public Service Announcement

This is Open to the Public!!!!!
Are you a City of Norfolk renter or homeowner behind on your rent or mortgage and/or utility bills due to a COVID-19 pandemic related loss of income?
Apply for COVID-19 Housing Costs Relief Program by Wed. Nov. 25th 8 pm. at
Applicants must have filed a 2019 Federal Tax Return and must have loss income due to COVID-19 since March 12, 2020.
Up to 6 months of rent mortgage or utility payments, and housing/rental counseling on how to keep your residence.
If you have questions call 757-314-1638 (Ms. Parker)

via Sister Wanda Griffin

Team Berea

Team Berea

The body of Christ is comprised of people who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. It is the Church that Jesus spoke of to Peter and the other disciples (Matt. 16:18) The church body is a gathering of citizens called out from their homes into some public place. An assembly of people with defined singular purpose which is continue carrying out the “The Great Commission” (Matt. 28:18-20).

At these challenging times, we at New Berean are being asked to re-examine our approach to ministering to one another. We are not being asked to change the message of ministering to one another but consider evaluating and changing how we share that message.

Having All Things In Common

By default we all are members Team Berea. Every member of New Berean is in a unique position to be properly placed in the assembly to serve in the ministry. Team Berea the ministry of every person ministering to someone else. Having all things common (Acts 4:32) is a goal of the Lord for his children. It is identifying both the commonality and contrasts we share and do those things necessary to effectively minister to one another as the body was originally designed (Rom. 12:1-5, I Cor. 12:11-13). In operating in our various roles, utilizing the gifts given by the Holy Spirit and serving with a divine purpose in mind we are able to meet the needs of everyone and mature together as the Lord planned.

Team Sharing

Team Berea, working together will help us know how much we really do have in common, exhorting one another and glorifying the Lord. With the new challenges in front of us, we are collaborating our gifts and talents to minister and use the creativity God has blessed us for the purpose of edifying the body as a whole (Eph. 4:11-16).

For more information or to express your interest, reply back to the corresponding text message (757-280-4582) or contact Brother Steve Barnes (635-1911) and we’ll share more with you. Looking forward to hear from you.

Be An Encourager, Today

Therefore comfort each other and edify one another, just as you also are doing.I Thess. 5:11

The Bible has declared we all who have been saved have been “saved unto good works” Eph. 2:10. The good works we goo are deigned and intended to ultimately glory God and build up someone else in their faith. There is no greater time than today to encourage someone. Be encouraged in being obedient in being an encourager

Encourage One Another by Pastor DeWayne Cason


Team Berea

Happy Thanksgiving

As we come upon our annual and traditional Thanksgiving festivities, let us be reminded of the many things we should be thankful for. The Lord our God has been so gracious to provide for us the only means of personal reconciliation with Him. We are indebted to him even if we never receive another thing, for we are in “the beloved” and have been declared righteous. We now have peace with God and the impending wrath which once rested on us has be removed. God has been so loving, he not only saved and redeemed us, but has eternally secured us in that love to the point that nothing can separate us from his love. He has placed us in a body of other believers of like-faith, now our sisters and brothers with whom we can can grow together, encourage and build up in our faith as children of the Most High God. He has called us into a holy calling whereby we are afforded the opportunity to represent His kingdom, testify of his goodness and introduce others to the same saving knowledge we have.

Thanksgiving has never been anymore appreciative than than now. In spite of all the disappointments, failures and heartaches we have experienced this year alone, God has chosen by his divine wisdom to love us as he does Israel, with an everlasting love. Let us be truly grateful this year and be kind to one another in the name of Jesus.

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever! I Chronicles 16:34

We want you also to be reminded of the the heightened health and safety concerns that are added to this year’s festivities. The novel coronavirus commonly referred to as COVID19 has strained every aspect of our normal ways of fellowshipping and celebrating.

As a Church family we will not be corporately fellowshipping with Little Grove this year as our custom, but Pastor Richardson has plans to present a special Thanksgiving Day experience which we will share with the New Berean family. In addition, as you plan your own personal gatherings, make sure you factor in the necessary precautions as recommended by our medical community. Things are not as we once knew them and we advise you all to stay safe and keep your family safe.

The CDC recommends the most effective ways to reduce the risks of being infected or infecting others: Wear your masks, Maintain your distances from others, frequently wash or sanitize your hands and seek medical attention or stay home if you are ill.

Once again, it is imperative we use and exercise godly wisdom to govern our lives to the glory of God. We have only been given these one vessels and we want to take care of the as best we can in honor of the One who died for us. If there are any special needs or concerns, we do want you to share them through your respective Deacons.

Remember, Let’s Stay Connect, Stay Safe

Thank You!

The Lord our God used the Founders of this great Country to established a Military force designed and intended to protect and defend its people and interest at home and abroad. Over the past 244 years, the United States of America has employed hundreds of thousands of men and women to serve in the various areas of service.

Today we offer our heart-felt prayers, support and extension of gratitude to each and everyone of you for your honorable, faithful and dedicated service to our Nation. We pray for God to give you direction, wisdom and hope in the midst of your work and labor as you risk your life for the life of so many others.

May God’s grace be your sufficiency for all your needs and the needs of your families. May we from this day forward, as a country provide you with due respect, honor and appreciation equal to your efforts, individually and collectively

From our New Berean Family to yours in Christ Jesus our Lord

“First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people,  for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” I Timothy 2:1-4

  • Vanessa Sampson – Army
  • Donald Thomas – Coast Guard
  • Feba Thomas – Coast Guard
  • Darius Harris – Navy
  • Keith Lewis – Coast Guard
  • Anthony Lawhorn – Navy
  • Sam Hardy – Army
  • Immanuel Watkins –

Drive Up, Tune In Worship Service

New Berean is interested in your spiritual health as well as your physical. In addition to our regular inside worship, we have set up our audio recordings and video recordings on Youtube we are set to launch a new and different way for you to be blessed by a live experience without the close contact.

Beginning this Sunday, we will be providing an audio version of our service live via FM radio transmission. Simply drive up, tune in your FM car receiver to radio frequency 107.5 and worship. This will allow you to listen in on all information and service live from the comfort and safety of your own vehicle.

FM Frequency 107.5

The Lord reminds us from his word not to become complacent or settled with not regularly meeting together with other saints (Heb. 10:25). We all know things have challenged us to be creative in our meetings. But we’re still obligated to the Lord to corporately worship if it is safe. We want to minister to you and this is just another way to meet the need of a worship service if you choose.

Visit us – Invitation Extended!

Stay Connected

Having All Things In Common

Sending our love for you in the name of our Lord and Father of our Savior Jesus Christ. We are encourage by you and your prayers and love as demonstrated towards one another. Your efforts of faith in calling one another, texting and sending greetings cards are the things our Lord looks at is the Being scattered is a good reason to stay connected. The scattering of the believers in the scriptures was due to a variety of reasons. Disobedience to God’s will, his instructions from his Prophets and persecution of the early church. But God was still faithful to his people and expects his people to be faithful to him.

In our attempt to be a faithful, we have attempted to provide you with several opportunities of spiritual growth and service.

Let us help by providing you with the tools you will need pertaining to the spiritual warfare we are engaged in. There will always be opposition in war. There will be some direct attempts against our faith and there will be some designed to thwart us by deception. But God has appointed us to be watchful and to prayer that our faith not fail (Lk 22:32).

We also strongly encourage you as members of New Berean, to employ the services of the Deacon Family ministry to assist or aide you if we can. Provide feedback on ways we can keep you connected to the rest of the Berean family and pray, call, and reach out to one another as you can. Our normal is no longer normal so we all are exploring different methods to be a blessing.

Visit Us – We all have been inundated with all the information, misinformation, rumors and other reports as we process through the current pandemic but our responsibility as believers is to be found faithful (I Cor. 4:2). There is enough recklessness being displayed and as part of being a faithful steward, we will provided you with what the CDC (Center for Disease Control) website has specifically relevant to us.  

Pulpit Points is a library collection of messages formatted in Youtube mp4 for both listening and viewing. From the pulpit preaching ministry of Founder and Pastor Leroy E Ricks along with various of preachers, browse these recorded messages and expected to be encouraged, blessed instructed and challenged.

Pulpit Points (Audio Archive) is our library audio collection of messages from the pulpit preaching ministry of Pastor Leroy E Ricks along with various of preachers, browse these recorded messages

Ladies Mid-Week Zoom Bible Study Meeting – Ladies, members and guests are invited to join Sister Joan Jackson every Wednesday to take a walk through the scriptures. These lesson are designed to speak to the needs of our women using biblical principles, the precepts and commandments

Salvation – Man’s greatest need is to have a personal relationship the Lord. We as Believers have been commissioned by the Commissioner, our Lord Jesus the Christ to take the good news the gospel of God’s great love to the world. (Matt. 28:18-20, Acts 1:8) is the commission to his disciples and subsequent followers what to tell, to who to tell and why. This is a basic outline of the things we ourselves ought to be settled in so we may be obedient to the Commission. Preach – Baptize – Disciple to a lost and dying people.

Sunday Devotional is a series of lessons from the International Sunday School curriculum. Each week we feature the upcoming lesson with a brief summary and commentary to help you with a practical understanding of the word of God

“Route 66 – A wonderful journey into a blessed life with Christ”

31st Victory Celebration Anniversary Service

Date: Sunday September 27th, 9:30 am

For 31 years, New Berean has been blessed to serve in the Gospel ministry. Under the leadership of our beloved Founder and former Pastor, Leroy E. Ricks, Sr, New Berean has been taught, trained and discipled to be the people of God founded and rooted us in the discipline of “searching the scriptures daily” (Acts 17:11) . It is our tradition that we set aside this special moment for our Victory Celebration 2020 to give thanks to the Lord for the opportunity to look back on the experiences of his favor. It is also a time to look and reach forward for those things which are ahead.

This year’s recognitions will obviously be different without Pastor Ricks, but will still be a blessed time of honoring and giving glory to the Lord for the great things he has done through this ministry and the great things He is going to do in the coming years. As we prepare ourselves for the coming year, Philippians 3:13 reminds us of our need to “reach forward to that things which are ahead”.

This year’s guest speaker is the Rev. Kenneth W. Ricks of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church

God Will Provide” Video Format

Our guest speaker will be Rev. Kenneth W. Ricks, pictured with Pastor and Sister Vanessa and his wife Cheryl where he spoke at our Couple’s Banquet in 2007

COVID Guidelines Observed at all public services include

  • Body temperature readings prior to entry (<100 F)
  • Facial mask coverings for everyone at all times while inside the building
  • Practicing safe personal distancing (social distancing) of six feet as minimum
  • Open communication regarding any health concerns are important for the safety of everyone attending these gatherings.
  • Seating may be restricted due to these safe health measures
Recognition Service 2020

Upcoming Events At New Berean

Special COVID Health Information

Sunday Morning Prayer, Praise & Preaching Service

Morning Corporate Prayer – 9:00 am, Join our Prayer Warriors as we come together for a time of prayer and meditation seeking the Lord’s counsel, direction and wisdom over our lives.

Praise & Preaching Service – 9:30 am – God had commanded we come together to corporately worship Him, edify one another and be trained in the teachings from his word. Although there are extenuating circumstances, we are not to become complacent but rather seek to minister and be ministered. If you are not able to meet in-person, follow us online with Pulpit Points on our Inspiration page for inspiring and encouraging messages from our archives

Sunday Devotional

Lessons designed to give you a regular weekly opportunity to study lessons that we use for our Sunday Devotions here at New BereanJoin us each week as we “Learn More, Grow More, Be More” in Christ

Mid-Week Wednesday

Study online with Associate Pastor Cason. Current lesson series Marching Through the Gospel of Mark “ . Review past and upcoming lesson sessions which can be accessed anytime after 12 noon on Wednesdays.

Pulpit Point Preaching Series

Each Sunday, we will feature an audio edition of the pulpit preaching ministry of New Berean Founder Leroy E. Ricks, Sr, Associate Pastors Dr. Lamont E. Ricks and DeWayne Cason. Messages will be shared online every Sunday beginning at 10:00 am.

nbbcMinistry.comCommitted to The Commission of Christ”